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All About Oxygen Based Colon Cleansers

A number of companies that are in the business of producing oxygen based colon cleansers are not able to develop suitable oxygen based colon cleansers. Blame it on the failure of not following the scientific method of attaching and stabilizing oxygen with utmost ease. Instead, what these companies are doing is a mixing up of magnesium oxides with magnesium peroxides and labeling their products as oxygen releasing compounds.

Stabilizing Oxygen

The main function of stabilizing oxygen is to generate oxygen following a timed-release process. There is a big misconception in the medical world that the gut is the one, which consists of anaerobic organisms. However, gut disease arises because of the misuse of antibiotics.

It is advisable to take an oxygen-based cleanser every day before going to bed as it creates a stable bowel environment. In addition, oxygen will also play a prominent part in oxidizing and cleaning the entire bowel, leading to relieving constipation and compaction.

When Looking at Oxygen Cleansers

When looking at oxygen cleansers, please check that whether any is oxygen being released or not. How one can determine that? It is quite simple; this can be done through a titration test. Titration will clearly indicate whether oxygen is being released or not, as well as the duration of the release. There are very few products, which release oxygen for over 16 hours. In fact, there are just two products that have this quality.

There are few products that actually release oxygen therefore one should be careful while buying an oxygen releasing cleanser. A good quality oxygen-based cleanser should contain GE-132 that is a special mixture of aerobic proboscis and enzymes.

Always make sure that you stay away from the so-called oxygen cleansers, which contains some part of ascorbic acid. This is because of the fact that ascorbic acid is a strong antioxidant, and can result in neutralizing benefits of oxygen release.

A clean and healthy colon leads to a feeling of wellness therefore do your research before starting your cleansing regime. There are related products available online and also in drug stores.

Analysis Of Alternative Health Treatments

Analysis Of Alternative Health Treatments

Are you considering an alternative health treatment? Buying a nutritional supplement? Need hard facts on the effectiveness of a therapy?

When evaluating an alternative therapy, as with conventional therapies, there are two basic factors you want to look at: Benefits and Cost.

The benefits can be hard to sleuth out. Many treatments are buried under so much hype, marketing material or legend that it's hard to figure out the real benefits. Here are several ways to find out how effective the therapy is.

User experiences

Other people who have used the product are going to be some of your best sources for information. Printed testimonials have limited use, though, as many of them are fictitious, or exaggerated. A better method is to actually talk to people who have used the therapy and get their opinions first hand. Try to talk to people who have had good and bad experiences. With the people who have had bad experiences, you may find that most of them did not properly use the therapy, in which case you can probably discount them.

Scientific information

Ask your health professional or a sales representative for scientific research on the product or service you are looking at. You can also look for scientific data on PubMed or at libraries.

The cost of a therapy or treatment is not just the financial cost. While price should be figured in, a treatment that really works is worth a lot of money, but one that doesn't is not worth anything. So price should not be your first concern.

The primary cost you should be concerned with is side effects. Are their side effects that you may experience while taking the therapy? Are there possible long term health risks? Long term damage to your health is a very high price to pay for a treatment.

With careful evaluation, you can choose an effective treatment or therapy that will work for you, without bad side effects.

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